Nick Capra Tours Flex Spas in Cleveland

Nick Capra Tours Flex Spas in Cleveland
Nick Capra Tours Flex Spas in Cleveland

Porn star Nick Capra is in for a surprise when he flies in from sunny San Diego, CA to cold Cleveland, OH. It’s cold! What better way to warm up then sitting in the hot sauna at Flex Spas.

In this two-part interview he takes the viewers on a tour of Flex Spas. Showing the gym, pumping some weights, hanging out in the locker room and more. While at the same time answering all the question his fans really want to know. Both his sexual likes and dislikes, in addition to his sobriety and addiction struggles.

He told Manhunt daily about his struggles with addiction

While I was high, I was not one of those guys in the bath house, trying to park an SUV up my ass. I was isolated and didn’t have sex at all. Now, I’m having plenty of healthy, sober sex! I don’t have a partner, at the moment. I do like dates and dinner. And of course, really steamy hook ups are awesome as well. Everything comes back in sobriety. The body and mind straighten out, so sex becomes a healthy component again.

So check out Nick Capra two-part interview below.

Part #1

Part #2

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