Bathhouses Begin To Reinvent Themselves

Bathhouses Begin To Reinvent Themselves
Bathhouses Begin To Reinvent Themselves

One of the biggest stories of 2014 was the story that ran in the Associated Press. The death of the gay baths.

It must of been a very SLOW news week, as that story was picked up and ran all over the world. It went viral as no bathhouse has done. Well maybe with the exception of the recent Bathhouse bust in Egypt last month.

The bottom line is that baths around the world must reinvent themselves. If they allow themselves to be stagnant, they will get lost in the dust.

With the end of 2014, many baths around the world will host a new year’s eve extravaganza. This is one of their busiest nights, and best money making events. This also another way for the baths to reinvent, by hosting event like these.

Toronto bathhouse Spa Excess (see image above) and how they have defied the odds to remain open and thrive in this competitive market. Saying

At Spa Excess, Knight, Dorman and their late partner Peter Bochove have always focused on keeping their bathhouse upscale. Their location on Carlton St. offers free WiFi, clean towels, a licensed lounge, a pool table, tanning beds, a sundeck, a whirlpool and massages.

“It’s a retreat. We encourage our guests to come here and get away from the real world,” Knight said. “You have to accommodate all of the customers and what their needs are.”

Growing hospitality in the bathhouse industry is the same trend seen in coffee shops, hotels and gyms, said Chris Srnicek, owner of the bathhouse chain Central Spa and the president of the North American Bathhouse Association’s board.

The majority of bathhouses now offer free WiFi, extra linens, towel swaps and cheap tanning, he said. At Central Spa, which has four locations across Ontario including one in Hamilton and another on Dundas St. W, Srnicek follows the lead of night clubs by offering theme and specialty nights.

“Our stronger establishments partner with local sports organizations, DJs and party promoters to create new ideas all the time. We also offer discounted entry fees at different times of the week,” he wrote in an email to the Star.

See how Canada is paving the way with the article A new reality for Toronto’s bathhouses.

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