Bathhouse Scene In Gay Romance Novel

Bathhouse Scene In Gay Romance Novel
Bathhouse Scene In Gay Romance Novel

Ryan Field is a gay fiction writer who has worked in many areas of publishing for the past 20 years. He’s the author of the bestselling “Virgin Billionaire” series and the short story, “Down the Basement,” which was included in the Lambda Award winning anthology titled “Best Gay Erotica 2009.” Though not always, he sometimes writes gay parodies of *straight* mainstream fiction/films in the same way straight fiction and Hollywood has been parodying gay men for years, without apology. He also writes hetero romances with pen names, and has edited several short story anthologies. He has a long list of publishing credits that include over 100 works of lgbt fiction, some with pen names in various sub-genres.

He published a novel this past year entitled Hot Italian Lover”. He includes a scene at the baths in this book.

The author writes

“I’ve never written a bathhouse scene until now. I did it in HOT ITALIAN LOVER in order to push the impending romance forward. Without getting into any spoilers, I wanted the bathhouse scene to be accurate, but also a little satirical. The main character, Joey, normally wouldn’t be the type to go to a bathhouse.”

For an unedited, unpublished excerpt, go to The Bathhouse Scene in HOT ITALIAN LOVER at Ryan Field’s blog now.

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