Acquittal in Gay Bathhouse Raid Trial

Acquittal in Gay Bathhouse Raid Trial
Acquittal in Gay Bathhouse Raid Trial

As written about in December, 26 men were arrested and charged with debauchery after cops raided a Cairo bathhouse.

News of the gay bathhouse raid made headlines around the world. With human rights activists condemning Cairo for its poor treatment of gays and lesbians.

The defendants had faced up to 9 years in prison for participating in homosexual activities. However it took less than a minute for the judge to find the defendants innocent and dismiss the case.

Within seconds of being acquitted, the 26 defendants shouted with joy. While attending relatives sobbed in relief.

“They destroyed our lives. God rescued us,” one of the defendants

Defense lawyer Tarik al-Awadi, “The verdict is an accurate reflection of the law and we expected this outcome.”

“However, the rights of the defendants will only be realized when the authorities put on trial. The people who were involved in this, and those who offended the honor of these people.”

Which might be bad news for the journalist who triggered this gay bathhouse raid. And who later broadcast footage to millions of viewers. Several of the acquitted men no say they will seek legal action against this reporter. So this story is far from over.

UPDATE: Mona Iraqi, the television show host that aired a segment accusing 26 men of homosexuality in a Cairo bathhouse, will stand trial on charges of defamation and the spreading of false news, announced the prosecution.

Iraqi and Tarek Nour, owner of the channel of Al-Qahera Wal-Nas which broadcasts Iraqi’s television show, will both face preliminary hearings on April 5.

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