Two Lebannon Bathhouse Raided By Cops

Two Lebannon Bathhouse Raided By Cops
Two Lebannon Bathhouse Raided By Cops

In Lebanon homosexuality is a crime under article 534 in their penal code. In the month of August two Lebannon bathhouse have been raided by local police.

On August 9 cops busted into the privately-owned Agha Hammam baths, arresting 27 men. Among those men who were jailed were the owner, the employees and several clients.

The Lebanese clients and the owner have since been released. Though they all face potential charges of homosexuality (which is a crime in Lebanon) prostitution and immoral activities in public spaces. Men that are of Syrian and Iraqi nationality are still behind bars.

Since the raid, the Agha Hammam has been closed and cannot re-open without permission.

About a week later cops raided yet another Lebannon bathhouse. This time the Shehrazad Hammam. No clients were around, as the staff was cleaning. All were taken into custody, and then released except one person. That person has joined the Syrian and Iraqi men from the previous raid in a Zahle prison.

After this incident the Shehrazad Hammam is refusing entry to anyone it believes is gay. We will keep you up to date on any new developments.

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