Jason Biggs Gay Bathhouse Scene

Jason Biggs Gay Bathhouse Scene
Jason Biggs Gay Bathhouse Scene

Jason Biggs at the gay baths? First Matt Bomer, now Jason Biggs has a scene in a gay bathhouse? Seems the baths are becoming more and more mainstream in the American psyche.

First some background. This scene is from the series Orange Is the New Black by Netflix. The series chronicles one bisexual woman who is serving a 15 month jail sentence for drug smuggling. Jason Biggs plays her husband.

The scene in question features his character (Larry Bloom) visiting a sauna with his father (played by character actor Todd Sussman). They sit in the sauna talking about Larry’s wife being in jail. During the conversation Larry realizes that this isn’t just any sauna they are in. Rather it is a gay bathhouse. Larry’s dad had no clue. he just saw a Groupon deal for a bathhouse visit and grabbed it!

Biggs would later tell Advocate magazine about the scene:

“Yeah, there were a lot of penises out. [Laughs] We filmed that over at a gym in Chelsea. We brought extras in, of course, but it’s a gym where it wouldn’t be unlikely for that scene to transpire, from what I understand. Those guys were very comfortable with themselves. The wardrobe people would come around between takes, but they were in no rush to cover up. Look, there’s nothing that makes me uncomfortable. That scene was hilarious — the fact that Larry’s dad would have a Groupon for that place? If it’s in the right context and everything feels earned, there’s nothing I won’t do.”

If only more gay baths had groupon deals, think of all the money we could save!

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  1. This was a hilarious scene! I loved the guys starting to get it on around Larry and his dad. I was hoping Larry would stay and check out the action. After all, he was dealing with a girlfriend in prison. Why not experiment a bit?

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