30th Anniversary Of Toronto Bathhouse Riots

30th Anniversary Of Toronto Bathhouse Riots
30th Anniversary Of Toronto Bathhouse Riots

Toronto Bathhouse Riots marks its 30th Anniversary. This demonstration mobilized so many in the gay community to band together and protest and fight for gay rights onto the Toronto streets.

Because of the movement, Pride Toronto was born which will celebrate it’s 30th Anniversary this summer.

There are a couple of great articles written to commemorate the anniversary of the Toronto Bathhouse Riots.

xtra Magazine has a wonderful piece written.

As well as an archive of pictures and articles 30 years ago about the Bathhouse Raid entitled Looking back on 30 years of gay liberation.

Alan Sears has written an article for the New Socialist.

Entitled 30 Years On: The Toronto Bathhouse Raids and Sexual and Gender Liberation.

In it he writes “But these raids did not achieve their goal of turning back the clock on Toronto’s lesbian and gay communities, which were beginning to consolidate themselves politically and geographically. Instead, they ignited a mighty and militant movement that ended up changing the rules of sexual politics forever, ultimately winning full legal equality if not liberation. “

Finally The Toronto Star interviewed Peter Bochove

He runs Spa Excess on Carlton St., for an article entitled Thirty years after the bathhouse raids.

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