Inside the Los Angeles Bathhouse Scene

Inside the Los Angeles Bathhouse Scene
Inside the Los Angeles Bathhouse Scene

Patrick Rosenquist has just written a review of the Los Angeles bathhouse scene for Frontiers magazine. Like in any big city, there are usually a few bathhouses to choose from. But how do you choose? It is like deciding between Chinese and Italian for dinner. Fortunately Patrick has solved the problem by offering a short review of each and every bathhouse in the Los Angeles area. He writes

Los Angeles has always been replete with places to hookup—a great thing for the gay man uninterested in shirking his sexuality. Unlike some California cities, L.A. allows bathhouses and other frisky spots to not just exist but thrive. They’re called everything from spas to bathhouses to full-on sex dungeons, and we considered them all to come up with this guide to the city’s most “welcoming” sex clubs—spaces where many local guys go to get done right. It’s a quandary of many a horny gay Angeleno—which is the right local sex club for me? Here’s a helping hand.

So read below and decide for yourself, which is the best that will suit you!

To read the article go to You Cruising, Bro? A Peek Inside the L.A. Sex Club Scene

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  1. As a former to Toronto currently living in LA, I can wholeheartedly tell you the clubs are not nearly as good as clubs like Steamworks or XS.

    Those two clubs set the standard for bath houses for me. I am originally from Philly, and those places are just god awful.
    As for LA, Midtowne Spa would be most like Steamworks but not nearly as clean, not nearly the variety or quantity/quality of men, and may or may not be busy. One thing I always remembered about Steamworks is that they have so many things to offer, it was always busy even during the weekdays. Not so here.

    Slammer is not a bath house. It’s a sex club. It “skews older” should read it is filthy with a very much older, unsafe/uncaring clientele. You go here for darkroom anonymous BB sex. While I like the seedy energy of this place, I don’t meet up with guys here, but it is a good place to go with someone you know if just to use the slings.

    The zone is another sex club and the reviewer got this one right. It is similar to the old Bijou theater in TO. Lots of glory holes, private dark rooms. Generally a bit more responsible of a crowd, if not much younger than those at Slammer in general. Young weho twinks and flavors of the month. This should be a stop for any cruiser on a trip to LA and the neighborhood is safe too. Zone is packed Fri through Monday’s, with Monday being the busiest of them all. If you go fri-sun you are given a voucher for $3 entry in Monday. Tues-Thurs is hit or miss except when the bars close it gets fairly busy.

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