Gay Bathhouse Joke Jeopardizes Sexual Assault Case

Gay Bathhouse Joke Jeopardizes Sexual Assault Case
Gay Bathhouse Joke Jeopardizes Sexual Assault Case

This story is such a convoluted mess, I don’t were to begin. Joshua Dowholis (pictured below) was standing trial for sexual assault against several men. The bathhouse connection is that he and the victims (more than one) originally met at the baths. The assaults allegedly took place after the group left the baths and headed to Dowholis apartment. All participants were allegedly high on meth.

Enter Derek Welsman, a producer and host of a morning shock radio show. Elected foreman, Welsman swore on a bible that he had no bias towards gays and lesbians. Warned not the discuss any details about the case, Welsman seemed to ignore the instructions by the judge. While not discussing particulars, Welsman made several homophobic remarks about gay sex and bathhouses. Alluding to the fact he was on this particular jury.

The lawyer for Joshua Dowholis is now asking for a judicial inquiry into jury misconduct. Stating that Derek Welsman’s remarks on-air indicate that he has a prejudice against gay people. And had preconceived notions even before the case began.

If misconduct is found, a mistrial may take place. It should be noted that the radio station states their morning show consists of raunchy comedy.

That is it in a nutshell. For the longer version (and to hear excerpts from the broadcast) go to Shock jock producer jokes about trial. He was the jury foreman

UPDATE 2016: An appeal court set aside Joshua Dowholis’ convictions on three counts of aggravated sexual assault and two of forcible confinement, and ordered a new trial. Read more here

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