David Pevsner Bathhouses Saved Him From Shame

David Pevsner is an LA-based actor and writer blazing a trail for senior citizen erotica, carving out a new niche for himself as an OnlyFans star. But it wasn’t always this way, as it took Pevsner a long time to be comfortable with his body.

In his new autobiography “Damn Shame: A Memoir of Desire, Defiance and Show Tunes,” he writes about his journey to explore his sexuality. Including visiting the baths. Pevsner says

“I knew inside of me that I wasn’t just a ‘missionary position’ kind of guy,” David says. “I knew I wasn’t like, ‘I want to fall in love with somebody and then be with them my whole life.’ I knew there was something else, but if you thought that way, you were a slut. When I started going to bathhouses, I just kept thinking: ‘If my parents knew what I do in a bathhouse…’ I’m a good Jewish boy who’s got this dirty streak inside.”

David is quick to point out that he doesn’t use the word “dirty” in a negative way – he sees it as an empowering way to describe somebody “who’s not afraid to explore pleasure and erotica”.

“The bathhouse helped me do just that,” David explains. “They were the first essence of, I’m doing something that I’m told I shouldn’t do – wandering the hallway, finding a guy, f**king him, leaving, and finding another one… It helped me explore the deeper, darker stuff that I don’t know I would have explored had I not been able to go and do it anonymously.”

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