The Hong Kong Bathhouse Scene

The Hong Kong Bathhouse Scene
The Hong Kong Bathhouse Scene

Time Out Hong Kong has a rather interesting article on the Hong Kong Bathhouse Scene.

One of the owner’s of a bathhouse is quoted as saying

“Before, we would have a customer that would frequent our sauna, possibly four times a month, looking for a possible good match. But now, the same customer searches for a partner using a mobile app first before committing to a sauna visit, cutting his visit down by at least half,”

Writes Arthur Tam,

“Gay hook-up spots have existed for centuries – but certainly not on Google Maps. Only a close circle of homosexual peeps knew of their whereabouts and new gays found the locations only by word of mouth. Those places had to be kept secret because police raids were common and queer men could be persecuted – or even executed – in some societies. A gay dude back in those days often risked life and limb just to find a place to have sex. But, over time, these hook-up joints evolved into the modern-day gay sauna.”

Looks like there are some really great places to go to in Hong Kong to peruse the gay bathhouse scene in that area.

Click to read Pandas in the mist written by Arthur Tam.

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